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Six Labs is where the science of cannabis and the artist of cultivation comes together. We cultivate all our own cannabis with a complete focus on quality and precision, and passion for advanced research, development and technology. We are setting a new standard for the processing of cannabis in our Cultivation Labs.

About Six Labs

As part of the next wave of cannabis entrepreneurs, we are building a powerful and alluring line of consumer products that will drive evolving attitudes of cannabis products, and rise above the competition.

Delivering Premium Cannabis

Cannabis consumers crave products and experiences that are unique to their needs. We are dedicated to delivering the experience consumers want and expect from premium cannabis—for each of their individual desired sensations. We will be one of the first cannabis company that is built to provide premium cannabis that gives a consistent sensation consumers can depend on, and trust.

The result is a sensation our consumers didn’t realize they could experience.

Our Cultivation Labs

Our Cultivation Labs enable the creation of precision products with meticulously calibrated profiles, potencies and flavors. Our indoor cultivation center is where science meets nature for the rigorous care of plants. Developed by our team of brilliant agricultural engineers and featuring revolutionary low energy lighting, a unique air system and precision practices throughout, our Cultivation Labs produce top notch cannabis flower with none of the harmful chemicals.

This results in products that match our guaranteed quality and reliability levels.

Leaders in Cannabis

Cannabis is more than a product -- it's a movement. Whether we're talking about medicinal applications, legal issues, or simply the enjoyment value, remember that there is a larger culture around the product. Our team intends to be a driving force in that culture—thought leaders in cannabis. We intended on shaping the future of a young industry as the next wave of cannabis entrepreneurs.

The Art and Science of Cultivation

With the most advanced and recent biodynamic techniques, we are able to produce consistent sensations for our consumers. Our products will allow consumers to make purchasing decisions based on the sensation they’re trying to achieve rather than requiring them to spend time researching various cannabis products to find those that will provide that sensation.

Precision is what consumers are looking for. People crave products and experiences that are unique to their needs. Every product is created using high precision, made-to-measure processes in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Founding Partners

Mike Monachos

Director of Cultivation, Sales and Marketing

Michael brings a breadth of business experience, with a history of working in family-owned establishments that include a retail jewelry company. Michael
started his own painting company soon after graduating high school while he obtained his college degree. After graduating from college, Michael founded a video production company that specialized in filming real estate. In 2017, Michael expanded his company to include shooting commercials, music videos, entertainment, and is in the process of producing its first film. Michael’s company is the winner of several advertising awards including Silver Addy, Creative Media and PR Week 2018, and has also been a finalist for the Shorty Awards and Digiday Content Marketing Awards.

John Taylor

President and COO

John is a successful entrepreneur with comprehensive business management experience in the restaurant and catering services industry. John currently co-owns and operates two successful restaurants in the Chicago suburbs, one of which expanded from a modest 40 seat establishment to a vibrant 220 seat “local institution” in the highly competitive Naperville restaurant scene. Under John’s leadership, these expansion plans were funded in short order, finished ahead of schedule and investor’s repaid early. John’s high standards and leadership resulted in being awarded the prestigious Couples Choice Award as a top caterer in the nation.

Joseph Ori

General Council and Government Relations

Joseph is a successful trial attorney, restaurateur, investor, entrepreneur, and also serves as general counsel to one of the nation's largest private security companies. Joseph is the founding partner of the multi-state law firm of Angelini, Ori & Abate, LLC. Joseph co-founded a highly successful restaurant company in Phoenix, Arizona, called Conceptually Social, LLC. Joseph has earned the respect of his peers, being recognized as an Illinois Super Lawyer for six consecutive years in row, an honor bestowed on less than five percent of the nation’s attorneys.

Michael Leuzzi

Director of Real Estate Development & Asset Management

A licensed plumber by trade, Michael founded and built a successful multi-million-dollar commercial plumbing company in Chicago which currently employs 30 people. Key customers include Hyatt Hotels, CVS, Walmart and Sam’s Club. Michael has extensive experience in commercial land and real estate development, having worked on several multi-story residential condos and large scale retail developments in Chicago.

Our State of The Art Cultivation Lab

Chesaning, MI

Better Science, Better Engineering, Better Results

Our labs are powered by GrowRay® Lighting Technologies

Product Availability Starting April 2020

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